Research Grants: Modus operandi

1/ To apply the candidate must fill the online form, choose his own log in and submit his file to the Foundation.

2/ Once the candidate is validated by the Foundation, he will receive an email within 48h enclosing his password.

3/ The application form will be available, please use the username and password provided by the email to login.

4/ The candidate has to fill all the request informations in the forms, and download all required documents . This step can be done in several times.

5/ As soon as the candidate considers his folder as complete then he has to validate it in clicking on «  folder complete to be submitted ».

The candidate then won’t have access to his folder any longer.

Please make sure you have printed it all before submitting the folder.

6/ The candidate has to send his folder in one copy strictly as the original on line.

7/ Closing date : October, 13, 2023 at midday

The candidate has to send  one hard copy by post to:

Secretariat de la Fondation Fyssen 194 rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris France

8/ The online application and the receipt of your folder by post will be confirmed by email.

9 / The candidate application will be submitted to the Scientific Committee and he will receive the result by post by the end of December 2023.