How does the applicant get its login ?
The applicant has to create its own login.

Are there any restrictions regarding host countries or nationalities ?
No, there is none.

What are the deadlines to start the fellowship ?
The post doctoral project may start on September 1st, 2019 the earliest, and on very beginning of January 2020 the latest.

The applicant has submitted its form but did not get any password in order to complete its folder, what is to be done ?
The password will be sent to the applicant within 2 days. In case he hasn’t received it, he should contact the Foundation.

May the project be drafted in english ?
Yes, the project may either be drafted in french or in english, as the applicant’s convenience.

May the applicant add a third recommendation’s letter to its folder ?
Yes, he may add one or several recommendation’s letters .

When the applicant is submitting a project to be achieved in two host laboratories, does he have to submit two invitation letters ?
Yes , he has to provide two invitation letters mentioning the date and duration of its stay.

In which language the letters should be drafted ?
They should be drafted either in french or in english. In case of another language it should be posted with a translation in French or in English.

A scientific researcher wishes to keep its letter confidential, may he send the document directly to the Foundation ?
Any personality who wishes to transmit a letter (dated and signed) may send it either by post, or by email (to secretariat@fondationfyssen.fr). In any case all documents should be received BEFORE the deadline of the call.

My viva is scheduled after the closing date, what document do I have to provide to be added to my folder?
You will have to add a letter from your thesis director certifying your viva will be achieved before December 31st, 2017.

I clicked on “Submit” to submit my application but I did not receive any email confirmation.
An automatic message appears confirming your folder was registered when the application’s process has been done correctly. Please contact the Foundation to make sure it has been well registered in the Database.

Moreover, the applicant will receive an email confirming its application is complete after its paper’s folder has been received and all documents checked out.

What is the deadline if I need to replace documents in my folder?
You may add or delete any document before the final validation of your folder.
Once clicked, you will not have access to your folder anymore and shall have to contact the Foundation in case of a mistake and send us the document to be replaced.