The application form is to be completed ONLINE.

The application folder should include the following documents in PDF:FFYSENS_ILLUSTRATION2-4

  • The Research Grant application form
  • An invitation letter from the host laboratory
  • The letters of two scientific personalities able to make an appreciation on the program and the research works of the candidate and who do not belong to the Host laboratory
  • The applicant’s  CV and the publications list
  • The description of the research project  (5 pages maximum) drafted in French or in English
  • The description of the budget forecasts
  • The list of the other financial supports
  • The list of the people who will join the research team for the project
  • The abstract (150 words) of the research project as well as a keywords list in French AND in English
  • The copy of the authorization request sent to the Ethic Committee if necessary
  • The copy of the contract of employment

The complete folder must be printed  and sent by post
on October, 12, 2021 at the latest to:
Secrétariat of the Fyssen Foundation, 194 rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris

Opening session on the web site: September, 3,  2021