International Prize : Goal & Attribution

Recipients of the Fyssen Prize

André LEROI-GOURHAN (1980), William H. THORPE (1981), Vernon B. MOUNTCASTLE (1982), Harold C. CONKLIN (1983), Roger W. BROWN (1984), Pierre BUSER (1985), David PILBEAM (1986), David PREMACK (1987), Jean-Claude GARDIN (1988), Patricia S. GOLDMAN-RAKIC (1989), Jack GOODY (1990), George A. MILLER (1991), Pasko RAKIC (1992), L. Luca CAVALLI-SFORZA (1993), Lila R. GLEITMAN (1994), William D. HAMILTON (1995), Colin RENFREW (1996), Michel JOUVET (1997), Alan WALKER (1998), Brent BERLIN (1999), Joaquin FUSTER (2000), Peter MARLER (2001), Philip Johnson-Laird (2002), Michael I. POSNER (2003), Michael TOMASELLO (2004), Joseph LEDOUX (2005), Lewis BINFORD (2006), Randolf MENZEL (2007), Simha AROM (2008), Chris FRITH (2009) ,Amotz ZAHAVI (2010) and Fred GAGE ( 2011), Hélène ROCHE ( 2012), Renée BAILLARGEON (2013), Sir Geoffrey LLOYD (2014).Roger LEMON (2015)

Within the context of its general activities, the Fyssen Foundation will award an annual International Prize.

This Prize is awarded to a scientist who has conducted distinguished research in the areas supported by the Foundation : Ethology, Paleontology, Archaeology, Anthropology, Psychology, Epistemology, Logic and Sciences of the Nervous System.

Theme for the International prize 2015


“Systems neuroscience investigates neural circuits that underpin a specific, bounded set of functions.  The systems approach has produced fundamental insights into sensory perception (both in vision and in other modalities) , and also into coordinated action.  The prize will be awarded to a neuroscientist who has significantly advanced our understanding of the organisation of these circuits, and of their contributions to cognition and behaviour.

The committee will consider nominations for research on either sensory or  motor function, for research involving either animals or humans, and for levels of analysis ranging from single units to entire populations.”

Amount of the prize awarded:60 000 euros

ModalitiesThe candidate must be proposed by a renowned scientific personality

Documents to be supplied

- The  recommendation letter,
- The CV  and a list of publications,
- The abstract (4 pages maximum) of the research work that justifies the award.


This folder is to be sent in 2 hard copies by post to:

Secrétariat de la Fondation FYSSEN 194 rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris France


Closing date for the receipt of the folder

Friday, November 6th 2015